Why Choose Jamaica Live: The Superior Choice for Your Website or Blog

Why Choose Jamaica Live: The Superior Choice for Your Website or Blog

Starting a website or blog on Jamaica Live offers several advantages compared to other alternatives. Here are some key benefits:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

  • Jamaica Live: Jamaica Live provides free domain registration and website hosting.
  • Own Domain: You need to pay for domain registration and web hosting services. These costs can add up, especially if you opt for premium hosting services.

2. Ease of Use

  • Jamaica Live: Jamaica Live handles the technical aspects like site design, maintenance, security, and updates.
  • Own Domain: Setting up your own website requires some technical knowledge, including choosing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, installing it, and configuring various settings.

3. SEO and Discoverability

  • Jamaica Live: Jamaica Live websites often rank well in search engine results due to the platform's high domain authority. This can help new writers get visibility more quickly.
  • Own Domain: Achieving high search engine rankings for a new domain can take time. You’ll need to work on SEO strategies to build your site's authority.

4. Focus on Business

  • Jamaica Live: You can focus solely on creating content. Jamaica Live handles the technical aspects like site maintenance, security, and updates.
  • Own Domain: Managing your own site requires regular maintenance, security updates, and technical troubleshooting, which can detract from your focus on content creation.


Hosting a website on Jamaica Live is ideal for those who want a straightforward, low-cost way to get their business online without dealing with the technicalities of website management.

Jamaica Live Services

Why Choose Jamaica Live?

  • Affordable Pricing: Get the Likkle But 'Tallawah Starter Plan' for just 10,000 JMD, the 'Tallawah Standard Plan' for 20,000 JMD, and the 'Tallawah Pro Plan' for 50,000 JMD. Offer valid for a limited time.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Model: Add one additional website page for 2,500 JMD, or update an existing page for the same price. This flexible approach ensures you only pay for what you need, making it easier to manage your budget and scale your online presence efficiently.
  • No Meetings Required: No meetings required, save your time; the process is online, simple, and fine.

Tallawah Plans

  • Tallawah Starter Plan: 1-Page Website Design, Custom Domain Name ("yourname.jm.live"), Free Hosting
  • Tallawah Standard Plan: 4-Page Website Design (Home, About, Services/Products, Contact), Simple Logo Design, Custom Domain Name ("yourname.jm.live"), Free Hosting
  • Tallawah Pro Plan: Includes Standard Plan Features, SEO Optimization (Basic setup, SEO-friendly URLs), Advanced Features (Blog integration, e-commerce, contact forms), Enhanced Security and Regular Backups

Steps to Launch Your Idea on a Jamaica Live Domain

  1. Order Plan: Click on the order now button below the plan of your choice! Select a Tallawah Starter, Tallawah Standard, or our Tallawah Pro plan.
  2. Complete Registration Form: You will be redirected to a registration form after payment. Please complete and submit it right away.
  3. Go Live: Your new shiny website with a domain name will be ready in no time, currently 1 week for Tallawah Starter and Tallawah Standard plans, and 2+ weeks for Tallawah Pro plan.

Why Jamaica Live? For Jamaican pride, choose JM.Live as your guide. Stand out in Jamaica with a custom domain from JM.Live.

Customer Testimonials "Jamaica Live has transformed my business's online presence. The local domain instantly connected me with the Jamaican community, and the affordable, reliable service has been fantastic. Highly recommend for any Jamaican business!" - Michael Holz, SEO Analyst at OsCorp Tech

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